Meeting a Stranger

I try to meet my daughter once a week on her lunch hour so we can have lunch together. Weather permitting, I fix a picnic and we sit in Johnson Square and eat. During our lunch last Thursday, my daughter pointed out an elderly man selling lunches from his cart in the park.

We talked and shared about what had happened in our lives the past few days. When my daughter left to go back to work, she commented on the aroma coming from the lunch cart. Her exact words were “He must have a good lunch mom, I can smell it all the way over here”. I sat by myself in the square a little longer and watched the people go by. I have always enjoyed watching people.

When leaving the square, I stopped to talk with the man at the lunch cart. I inquired about what he was selling for lunch and his prices. After answering my questions, he told me his name was Thomas. I introduced myself to Thomas and made the comment that my daughter and I would plan to get lunch from him next week. He thanked me and went on to explain why he had to sell lunches in the park.

He sells his lunches to supplement his family’s income. “All my wife and I have is my retirement and social security,” Thomas said. “Along with that income, the money I make selling lunches gives us enough to live okay.” He made the comment that God has been really good to him and his wife. As I started to walk away he said, “God Bless You.”  I replied, “God Bless You; I will pray for you and your wife.” Thomas smiled and waved goodbye.

When I got into my car and started driving, I thought that Thomas must have a strong faith in Jesus just like I do. What a wonderful GodSTOP it was for me to meet this stranger!  I have prayed for him often during the past week. I look forward to buying my lunch from him next week. Hopefully, we will have a few minutes to chat again and learn something else about each other.


Phil 4:4 Always be full of joy in the Lord!

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