In the middle of leading worship this past Sunday, I suddenly felt the overwhelming Spirit of God; a GodSTOP.  The morning had been a little challenging as we had to change some of the plans mid-stream.  We were able to make the transitions without much difficulty, but last minute change always makes folks nervous.

Right before the start of the worship set in the second service, we watched a powerful video made by one of our newest church members, where she gave her testimony.  It was a powerful and moving story of God’s forgiveness, grace and restoration.  As I listened to the story, I heard her use the word AMAZING.  It was like an ocean wave hit me.  The entire service had one overshadowing theme.  A theme that was totally unplanned and unrehearsed.  God’s theme: He is amazing!

We continued on to sing Your Love is Amazing, Mighty to Save, Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone, How Great is Your Love, and Draw Me Close.  I think it’s so cool how the Spirit of God just takes over, despite our best efforts to maintain control. He changes and guides and, in doing so, demonstrates His Amazing power. Over the years, singing concerts, leading worship and speaking, I’ve had this happen many times.  I am always excited when the Spirit takes over and fills the worship.

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