Daddy’s Hymnal

I believe that sometimes God just winks at us.  Today, I sang at the funeral of a dear friend.  Arriving at the church early, I prepared for the service, making sure everything was in right order.  The family had requested that I lead the congregation in two traditional hymns, and before the message, sing “In the Garden.”  I knew all three songs very well, but just as a safeguard, I grabbed a hymnal and marked the pages.

The service began in the normal way and during the prayer, I opened the hymnal and noticed a small bookplate pressed into the inside left hand cover. Daddy

I fought back the tears as I began singing “There’s a land that is fairer than day…” This is my daddy’s hymnal.  This place is where my daddy lead worship.  This pulpit was where his eulogy was read.  This song talks about where he is, and where I long to be.  I realized what had come full circle.  His faith and trust in God, his heart and his songs are alive in me.  Instead of sadness, peace and joy overwhelmed me like a rushing, mighty wind.
Yes, God winked at me…and I winked back.

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