Ethan: “What is it like in heaven?”

Me: “Well, It’s an amazing place. There’s going to be singing and laughter; we will live in mansions and the walls of the city with be decorated with precious stones; the streets will be made of pure gold…”

Ethan: “GOLD?”

Me: “Yep, the most beautiful gold you have ever seen! The best thing about heaven is Jesus. He will be there with us forever and ever”

Ethan: “Who all gets to go?”

Me: “Those people who believe in Jesus and ask him into their heart to save them.”

Ethan: “I did that when I was 5. Remember?”

Me: “Yes, I remember.”

Ethan: “You prayed with me!”

Me: “Yes I did, and Jesus saved you that day.”

Ethan: “I want all my family and friends to go there too.”

Me: “You will have to talk to them about that.”

Ethan: “So are we going to be rich in heaven, since the streets are made of gold and we will be living in mansions?”

Me: “Yes, we’re going to be very, very rich!”

Ethan: “COOL! When can we go?”

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