Flipped Cars, Flashing Lights

Here I am again, in the truck with my husband, crossing the great frozen tundra of America.  What a different feeling traveling in the winter than in summer or fall.  There is a huge difference in the scenery, naturally.  The copper colors and lush leaves of fall have given way to the beauty of snow and ice crystallized on trees and glittering off the cold highway.

Normally, I think of winter from the perspective of my Flathead Valley Montana home.  True, it’s cold, but so beautiful. I’m the biggest cold wimp I know.  I have zero cold tolerance, so there has to be an up factor to winter for me. HA!  The mountains where I live provide a block from a lot of harsher winter weather that’s experience elsewhere…

Elsewhere…today we’re driving through the flat lands of the U.S. – REAL COLD.  The wind here blows sideways across the plains and dances on the highway in front of us, creating a mesmerizing swirl of hypnosis on the road.  It’s pretty cool.  The only problem is what lies beneath that swoosh of beautiful flirtatious white…

Cars everywhere are spinning out of control and donning their flashers like they are lighting to the unheard beat of January’s icy song.  We have seen cars facing the wrong direction, stuck in the ditch, flipped over, crunched fenders, blown tires, blinding emergency vehicle’s flashing their warning, and this mayhem goes on and on for miles.  This is a Godstop moment for me.

Sometimes, the things we think we are sure of, are a slippery slope.  Like black ice hiding beneath the beautiful white snow, life can have its own hidden agenda.  Ever find yourself caught in a moment where you thought everything was under your control and then all of a sudden it wasn’t?  I sure have.  I put my car in the ditch a couple weeks ago on a road that I have driven many times.  Just got that tire barley far enough into the snow on the side of the road to get sucked straight down in there.  Deep snow!  I wasn’t even on my phone!

I wish there were warning signs that would magically light up in our lives when we are headed for trouble.  I mean, come on – we could use some flashers if there’s danger ahead!  Well, I have’t seen any floating blinking warning signs recently, but I have heard Holy Spirit speaking to my heart.  He guides me and gives me direction and wisdom for life.  If you have given your life to Christ, and the Spirit of God lives in you, then you have this same Spirit in you!

Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit as the Comforter.  The Holy Spirit is the Wisdom of God made available to us through Christ.  He’s our floating blinking warning sign when we are about to get ourselves in deep snow!  The deal is that we have to train ourselves to listen for His words.  Be careful because it’s so easy to miss!

Listen for Holy Spirit’s still small voice inside you when the road of life gets that swirly mesmerizing white haze.  Especially when you think you have it all under control.  It may just keep you out of a ditch.

“But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my Name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14:26 NIV


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