Learning to Follow

When I was little, I went to a Pentecostal church with my grandma. I don’t remember much except for one man jumping up and running around the church, and my grandma speaking in another language during the service (they called it speaking in tongues). Then as I grew older and became a teenager, I didn’t go anymore. The telephone, friends, boys, anything became much more important to me than spending time or going to church with my grandma.

Throughout my young adult life, I made a lot of bad choices and I ended up facing some legal consequences. I knew that something had to change. At that point is when I was reminded of my experiences as a child, going to church with my grandma.  So, in my mid-twenties, I once again attended church with my grandma. It was then that I gave my life to Christ! For some reason, I imagined my life would change in an instant. I would choose God, get saved, and my entire world would be magically better! Little did I know that it would take years to learn about the unconditional love and forgiveness of God. He needed to change my black, sinful heart into a loving, forgiven red. To be exact, the process took eleven long years!

Around the age of 35, I finally could comprehend and feel God’s amazing love and grace. I still had a lot to learn about showing and giving it to others.

As I look back over the last four years of my life, I can see the ways that I showed love to people, even total strangers, all by following one of Jesus’ commandments to us…”Love your neighbor as yourself.”  I can also remember the times  when I clearly disobeyed His commandment; where I flat out told God “NO!” (Funny, huh?! Well, not really)

The real GodSTOP for me is this: The more I choose to follow His purpose and obey, the more He gives me to do; ALL to glorify His name and produce fruit for His kingdom.
God gives me a boldness that I have never before imagined! I understand, however, the more I obey and try to follow God’s will, the harder Satan attacks me. I have learned some really important lessons over the last several months. I’m certain that my grandma would be pleased. The main lesson is to wait on Him, especially when I am unclear if it’s really His voice “talking” to me. I have learned to ask, “Is that you God?” Then I wait patiently for Him to answer.

-Frankie Brooks, follower of Christ

“Guide me in your truth and teach me,  for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in                      you all day long.”  Psalm 25:5


2 thoughts on “Learning to Follow

  1. Frankie really enjoyed your blog. ” Learning to listen” is the hardest part of my christen journey especially when it requires waiting. But what a reward we get when we do. I don’t know if you will remember who I am if you don’t ask your sister she will. I’ve always kept your family in my prayers. So happy to hear things are well🙏


  2. Beautiful testimony, Frankie. Thankfully God continues to pursue us because of His great love for us. You are a blessing to many and I know your testimony is used to touch others who are and have been where you are. God does not waste pain or anything else in our lives. To God be the glory. Love you girl. Toni


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