Stephen Minister

It all began about 8 months ago, when I received a text message from a friend who wanted to share my phone number with someone in need. About this same time, I began training in a program at our church called Stephen Ministry. This ministry is brand new to our congregation and incorporates intensive training. Stephen Ministers are highly trained congregation members who provide one on one care to people going through life’s toughest circumstances. These people could be struggling through sickness, divorce, grief, or some other crisis. Because of the scope of the training and level of commitment,  I was seriously beginning to think that I may not be ready this. I felt totally overwhelmed.

Disregarding my feelings of inadequacy, I gave my friend permission to share my phone number and within an hour, I was engaged in a conversation with a friend who needed help. During this call, this friend explained that she had been struggling for about a year with some serious family and spiritual issues. After telling me about her struggles, she said that God led her to me. She further explained that she came to church one Sunday morning and saw me singing in the choir loft. It was at that moment when God told her to call on me for help. She knew that I had been through some similar difficulties and hoped that I might be able and willing to help her through.

In a thousand years, I would never have thought that this lady would reach out to me in her time of need. I never thought God would use my life to minister to her! Truthfully, I didn’t think people paid much attention to the details of my mundane life.

Since this time, our meetings have encouraged her to journal and attend church and Sunday school; things that she wasn’t doing before. Daily devotions and attending worship have now become important to her. She is now experiencing God in a real, life-transforming way. This relationship and the fruits of obedience have been a GodSTOP for both of us! It is truly amazing that God can use ordinary lives in His extraordinary work. All it really takes is a willing heart who will follow God’s leading, be faithful, and share His love with others. When we do this, God shows up in miraculous ways.

His Hands, His Feet                                                                                                                                       -Jean

Jean Medina is a full time domestic engineer and servant of God, who devotes her life to helping others through the Stephen Ministry at her church and in various organizations in her community. Jean is a great friend, an animal lover and a coffee snob!
To find more information about Stephen Ministry, please visit

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